Great news for our Alice! Our new edition of Alice in Wonderland, illustrated by Golden Paintbrush-winner Floor Rieder, has been elected as Most Beautiful Dutch Book Cover of 2014


The election for Most Beautiful Dutch Book Cover 2014 is organised by Dutch book retailer Libris each year. Up to January 5th, readers could vote for their favorite cover from a preselection of 15 books. As much as 4000 people sent in their vote, with Alice being the convincing winner. 


Some of the readers' reactions:


"The retro yet playful look of the book, like an old notebook, instantly brought me back to my childhood, when my father used to read the story of Alice in Wonderland to me. Absolute nostalgia!"


"The book is simply a gem, beautiful in its colors. I just had to buy the book because of its cover, that's how much I love it."



Not only the readers, but also the critics love Floor Rieder's Alice:


"The first edition of Alice dates all the way back to 1865. Since then, a great number of wonderful editions has been published. The Alice of Carroll, Rieder and [translator] Engelsman belongs to the most beautiful of them." - Het Parool, *****

"Alice couldn't have wished for a more stylish gift on her 150th birthday." - De Standaard, *****