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There are few people who have never heard of Jane Austen, one of England’s greatest authors, with classics such as Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Mansfield Park. With her gain in popularity, also the tourism around Jane Austen has increased. The Chawton cottage – where she wrote three books – is of course on top of every Janeites (as Jane Austen lovers like to call themselves) list, as is her grave in Winchester, the city of Bath and the romantic coast village of Lyme Regis. But not only the places Jane Austen visited herself are attractive to Austen-tourists, also the locations – mansions, villages, nature – used in the film adaptations of her books are flooded every year by Austen devotees.


Starting out with an overview of Austen’s life and books and detailed background information on the Victorian Age, author Karen Quint takes the reader on a magnificent journey across England through the eyes of one of its greatest novelists. With this comprehensive travel guide, full of historic as well as practical information, hiking routes, detailed maps and much much more, Janeites and travel enthusiasts can visit all the important places in her life and novels, and enjoy a journey through Jane Austen’s England all on their own.


Karin Quint (1970) is a photographer and copywriter. After her study in Journalism, Karin wrote for local newspapers for six years. In 2005 she decided that she wanted to combine writing and photography and started her own business. Next to this, Karin is one of the Netherlands’ biggest Janeites and moderates the website JaneAusten.nl.