The Katowice Climate Change Conference has finished, but climate change remains a major issue. More and more children, like Greta Thunberg, are worried about their future on a warming planet. Never has a book about climate change been more relevant and needed than nowadays. Especially a book aimed at children, since they are the next generation who has to deal with this issue.


In Palm Trees at the North Pole, Marc ter Horst tells readers aged 10 and up everything they need to know about climate change: history, causes, effects, measures and myths. It’s a story filled with volcanoes, mammoths and steam engines. And with brave scientists drilling deep into the ice to prove that climate change has always taken place, but that today’s global warming is an entirely different story. Not only is Palm Trees at the North Pole a book about the most important issue facing the next generation, it’s also full of surprising information and a really fun read!


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See the sample chapter below to get a good first impression of the book: