Dead NormalDead Normal
, the outstanding poetry book on death by Bette Westera & Sylvia Weve, has been awarded the annual Woutertje Pieterse Prize for best Dutch children’s book of the year. A sum of 15,000 euros accompanies the Prize. This is the twenty-ninth time the award for children's and youth books has been presented.

From the jury report:


“The monumental subject of the book isn’t just dealt with, Westera and Weve tackle death, embrace it, keep it at a safe distance, give it value, take it to heart, to their readers’ hearts. The illustrations are so diverse and suitable, colourful and rich in visual impact, the fusion of text and image is brilliant. Dead Normal has touched us deeply.”

Dead Normal wins Woutertje Pieterse Prize

The Woutertje Pieterse Prize was introduced in 1987 by the Woutertje Pieterse Foundation at the initiative of several well-known Dutch reviewers who wished to see the children’s book as a full literary genre. For that reason, they wanted a prize for a book of Dutch origin for children or young adults with exceptional qualities with respect to language and content as well as image and graphic design. Woutertje Pieterse is the name of the eponymous child protagonist of a famous nineteenth-century Dutch novel for adults.