wissensbuch'Evolution, oder Das Rätsel von allem, was lebt', the German edition of our top-selling non-fiction book The Mystery of Life (Het raadsel van alles wat leeft) by Jan Paul Schutten and Floor Rieder, has been awarded with the Wissensbuch des Jahres Prize in the category Perspektive: best science book for children of the year 2014. The book was published by Gerstenberg Verlag.  

The Wissensbuch des Jahres Prize is awarded each year by the bild der wissenschaft magazine. There are six different categories: Überblick (best research), Ästhetik (most beautifully made), Unterhaltung (most exciting), Überhasschung (most original), Zündstoff (most controversial) and Perspective (best science book for children). The jury is made up of eleven well-known German science journalists.


The bild der wissenschaft magazine about 'Evolution':

This playful and educational gem of a book is so much more than its title 'Evolution' promises. It is a wonderfully illustrated "History of everything that exists". The author poses the 'Where from', 'How' and 'Where to' questions of life in a wonderful simple manner, that does not feel childish at all. They are aligned on every page by equally funny and beautiful drawings in a retro style. (...) One chapter is called: "Why are we so clever nowadays?" Well, because we have books as brilliant as this one.



Since 2011, not only the Jury, but also the readers of the magazine can vote for their favorite science book. 'Evolution' was chosen Youth Science Book the Year not only by the Jury, but also by the readers. The book was also nominated as Junior Wissenschaftsbuch des Jahres or Science Book of the Year in Austria. We want to congratulate Jan Paul Schutten, Floor Rieder and Gerstenberg Verlag with these wonderful awards!