Green Delicious is all about growing your own vegetables and enthusiastically using them in the kitchen. Use your home-grown, tasty and unadulterated vegetables, herbs or edible flowers to prepare the most delicious meals. All recipes are without meat and fish, because vegetables, herbs and edible flowers play the leading part in the Green Delicious kitchen. 

Growing your own vegetables has become very popular, as it isn’t a very complicated task at all. You could start off right away by putting some pots on your balcony or, of course, in your garden. Also, these days more and more people tend to eat less meat or fish. greendelicousherbsThe highly successful Green Delicious combines these two trends in one attractively designed cookery book, providing the reader with 50 tasty recipes using (home-grown) vegetables, advice on cultivating your own crops and information on suitable plant varieties. As the ingredients are assumed to be grown in your own garden or on your own balcony, the recipes are classified by the seasons, encouraging and inspiring the reader to live and eat by a more natural biological rhythm.



In the sequel, Green Delicious Herbs, growing your own herbs is the main focus point. And growing your own herbs is even easier than growing your own vegetables: they can be grown almost anywhere, even in your own kitchen! Green Delicious Herbs describes and illustrates 50 aromatic and appealing dishes, seasoned with herbs and edible flowers, according to the seasons.  And of course, the book provides the reader with the best tips and tricks for growing your own wonderful herb garden. Both beginners and experienced gardeners will be inspired by these gorgeous 'read-and-look' books! 



Natascha Boudewijn (1970) worked as a successful communication manager, but decided to switch careers in 2013 and now fully focuses on her passion for cooking and growing her own food. In 2014, she opened the Green Delicious Kitchen, where she gives workshops and tries to inspire as many people possible to cook more often with herbs and vegetables and to grow them themselves.

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