Frisch auf den Tisch is a brand new German magazine about growing your own vegetables. Natascha Boudewijn, the author of our successful cookery books Green Delicious and Green Delicious Herbs, will be featured in her very own Greendelicious column in the quarterly magazine.



natascha-boudewijnFrisch auf den Tisch is modeled after the popular Dutch magazine De Tuin op Tafel. Every issue will be packed full with practical tips for growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs. Even not so green-thumbed readers will find it very easy to grow and harvest their own crops. And it doesn't stop there: when the harvest is done, the magazine informs the reader about the best recipes, methods of prepatation and flavor combinations.



In her column, Natascha gives pratical tips to succesfully cultivate your own greens in the garden or even on the balcony, and subsequently how to use them tastefully in the kitchen. In each issue, she introduces the reader to a new tasty recipe and provides tips for growing the main ingredient – a vegetable, a herb or an edible flower. All recipes are without meat and fish, because vegetables, herbs and edible flowers play the leading part in the Green Delicious kitchen. 



Frisch auf den Tisch will be distributed in a print run of 50,000 copies through all regular magazine selling points in Germany. The first issue was published on March 5th and will be sold for an introductory price of only €1,-.