In this last month a large number of Gottmer books have been awarded. Last week the illustrious Silver Pencils and Brushes for the best Children’s Books of 2018 were awarded and we have won no less than 8 awards! Other awards this month have been going to the best book debut and the best book for preschoolers.

We Were Here Firstsilver pencilWe Were Here First – by Joukje Akveld (txt) & Piet Grobler (ill.) has been awarded a Silver Pencil for this impressive report which provides a glimpse at places not many people will visit.

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was the earth once flatsilver pencilWas the Earth Once Flat? – Bette Westera (txt) & Sylvia Weve (ill.) has been awarded a Silver Pencil for the beautiful poems in which Bette offers a new perspective on all the difficult questions children often ask.

Rights sold: German

inside inflag and pennantInside In – by Jan Paul Schutten (txt) & Arie van ’t Riet (ill.) has been awarded a Flag & Pennant for the intriguing x-ray photographs. The pictures itself are works of art, but also very informative and offer a unique look at the inside of plant and animal.

Rights sold: Simplified Chinese


whose tail is that?flag and pennantWhose Tail Is That? – by Joukje Akveld (txt) & Martijn van der Linden (ill.) has been awarded a Flag & Pennant for the strong and nearly surreal illustrations. There is a new tale behind every tail.

Rights sold: Spanish (territory Mexico and Chile) and Simplified Chinese


the cyclopsflag and pennantThe Cyclops – by Daan Remmerts de Vries (txt) & Floor Rieder (ill.) has been awarded a Flag & Pennant for the surprising storyline. For many children this will be their first encounter to a story that doesn’t have a wish-fulfilling ending.

Rights sold: German


chubby charlie and messy jessyChubby Charlie and Messy Jessy – Become Friends - by Sunna Borghuis has been awarded with the Hotze de Roos Prize. This is a prize awarded anually to a first-time children’s author for his or her debut work.


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suzie doozie in the deep endkinder en jeugdjurySuzie Doozie In The Deep End – by Jaap Robben (txt) & Benjamin Leroy (ill.) was chosen as best book for preschoolers by the Kinder- en Jeugdjury 2018. More than 8000 Belgian children have been the jury for this award.

Rights sold: French and Danish

tinklemankinder en jeugdjuryTinkleman – by Jaap Robben (txt) & Benjamin Leroy (ill.) has been nominated for the Kinder- en Jeugdjury 2019.

Rights sold: German, Italian, Danish and Korean