On November 2nd, Allerzielen or All Soul's Day, the astonishing new children's poetry book Dead Normal (Doodgewoon), about death and matters relating to it, was presented to the Dutch public. This extraodinary new title by Golden Paintbrush and Silver Pencil winning duo Bette Westera and Sylvia Weve has now been in stores for one month and has been getting amazing reviews. 



Well-known Dutch children's book review website JaapLeest: 


"This book is a monument. Every page is thought out so well, from the contents page to the endpapers. Some pages look almost too good to be true. It is such a valuable book, because it concerns important subjects for which words and images have been found that can help carry the absence of a loved one and dealing with grief. I haven't done this before, but I hereby declare Dead Simple book of the year, and award it with the highest grade possible: an A+. Dead Normal is extroardinary in every way."


Dutch daily paper de Volkskrant:


"Bette Westera proves once again that from all poets who have followed in the footsteps of Annie M.G. Schmidt, she is the most convincing successor. Her poetry reads incredibly smoothly. It is socially aware, clever, touching, funny and often even more linguistic than Schmidt's. (...) Golden Paintbrush winner Sylvia Weve surpasses herself with her gorgeous illustrations."


Dutch daily paper NRC Handelsblad:


"Sylvia Weve reinvented herself once again with her fantastic illustrations. They are versatile in their form as well as in their technique: sometimes simple and graphic, sometimes cartoonesque, sometimes traditionally old-fashioned with thick layers of paint. What binds them together are their earthy colors, that are radiant due to the magnificent book design."


Edward van de Vendel, multi award-winning Dutch children's book author and poet:

"This book is an experience - it is fenomenal."