Alice in Wonderland (Floor Rieder)
Summer 2015 will mark the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland, the classic children’s book by Lewis Carroll, first published in 1865. As a celebration, the Bologna Children’s Book Fair will be organizing several initiatives, including a bibliographical exhibition displaying the most important editions from publishers around the world, in which Floor Rieder’s Alice will be included.

Other events celebrating Alice’s “birthday” organized by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair include:


  • the international conference “150 years of Wonders” ,which will examine what made the book such a ‘classic’ and the character of Alice so iconic;
  • a meeting with translators who have been able to communicate the wealth and complexity of the language of the great English writer to the whole world;
  • a cinematic review curated by Cineteca di Bologna, including not only direct depictions of the novel but also other titles that have been inspired or influenced by Lewis Carroll’s work.
    Alice (Floor Rieder)



Not only will Rieder’s edition be included in the exhibition, the illustrator wil also attend the exhibition herself and give an Alice-illustration workshop. The bibliographical exhibition will be held in pavillion 22 and will be opened to the public on Sunday, March 29th.