Last month, the Silver Slate Pencil and Paintbrush Awards have been revealed, and no less than 5 Gottmer-titles were amongst the winners! 

The Slate Pencils and Paintbrushes are the most important children’s book prizes in the Netherlands, the Pencils being awarded to the best literary children’s books, and the Paintbrushes to the best illustrated children’s books. All Silver-winners have a chance of winning Gold, the winners of which will be announced this September.


Good Knight (Held op sokken) by Bette Westera & Thé Tjong-Khing received a Silver Slate Pencil in the category ages 6 and up; The Mystery of Life (Het raadsel van alles wat leeft) by Jan Paul Schutten & Floor Rieder received one in the category non-fiction. Farmer Freddie in the Snow (Boer Boris in de sneeuw) by Ted van Lieshout & Philip Hopman received an Honourary Mention from the Pencil Jury. 



The Mystery of Life has been awarded a Silver Paintbrush as well – and receiving both a Silver Slate Pencil and a Silver Paintbrush is quite extraordinary! Zero is a Strange Number (Nul is een raar getal) by Henriette Boerendans was given an Honourary Mention by the Paintbrush Jury. A Silver Palet was awarded to Jon Klassen’s This Is Not My Hat (Deze hoed is niet van mij), as one of the best illustrated children’s books of foreign origin.


Needless to say we are very proud! We congratulate all authors and illustrators with these wonderful prizes, and look forward to the announcement of the Golden Slate Pencil and Paintbrush at the end of September.